Road Trip Survival Guide

I just got back from Colorado, and after spending over 18 hours in the car, I’ve come to a conclusion: Driving in the Midwest is mind-numbingly dull. I don’t like to just whine about problems without offering a solution, however, so I’ve come up with a handy list of ways to entertain oneself when trapped in a moving vehicle (even if you’re the driver). They are as follows:

images1. Books on tape. Think about it. You’ve been meaning to read War & Peace anyway, right? Here’s your perfect opportunity. You can even get them free from your library, or hit up Cracker Barrel. You have to pay for them, but you get most of it back if you return them. Trust me, it’s worth it–the time flies.

images-112. Radio Karaoke Contest: This is simple, hilarious, and great for entertaining groups. It’s like that awful game show, “Do you know the words of this song” or whatever it was called. Choose an order you’ll all perform in, then each person has to lip-sync (or sing, if you’re so inclined) whatever song comes up on their turn. Whoever does the best wins a soda at the next rest stop. (Sidenote: Don’t stare at the word “karaoke” for too long. It starts to look  like a fake word if you do. Especially if you’re trying to figure out if you spelled it right.)

s34002698_30806349_47413. Photo Adventure: Even if your camera was stolen, you can still have great success with this game if you can get your hands on a nifty disposable camera. You can either turn it into a scavenger hunt (each person gets a list of things they need to get a photo of along the way; the winner gets shotgun on the way home) or you can break up the trip by stopping at bizarre tourist traps and scenic spots for a brief photo shoot (think World’s Largest Ant Farm or a pretty lake.)

Of course, there are always classic car games (Slug Bug, The License Plate Game, etc.), so feel free to get creative with those. Happy trails!