Hair-raising Conundrum

There’s a reason why I’m sporting Pete Wentz bangs: I’m growing out my hair.


Don’t panic, we’re not talking the shaggy, yeti-inspired ‘do I once rocked (hair to the middle of the back); I’m just looking to get it a bit below the shoulders, then proceed from there.

But wouldn’t you know it, growing your hair takes FOREVER. So I looked up some ways to make it grow faster. Because I’m a girl with STUFF to do. Here’s what I found.

protein1. Eat a lot of protein. Hair is made up of dead protein cells, right? So this seems to make sense. Sidenote: I once had a teacher whose leg hair stopped growing when she was pregnant because the baby was greedily stealing all her protein. So she had to start eating a spoonful of peanut butter everyday, and magically her hair started growing again. So peanut butter, anyone?

massage2. Head massaging. Apparently this will stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles, and this will make them work harder/more efficiently. Not to mention the fact that head massages rule. No complaints yet.

clock 3. Wait…patiently. Oh…yeah, I don’t do that. Fortunately, my hair grows pretty quickly.

scissorsThere is a bit of a debate about whether or not trimming split ends is beneficial for longer hair also. In the trimming camp, the word is that if you trim off the dead or broken ends, your hair will grow stronger and not keep breaking. But the “leave ’em be” camp says you should just let it grow and keep your grubby, scissor-flicking fingers off of it so it can do its thing. I think I’ll just trim my own split ends and let everything grow for the most part.



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