Nervous Nelly

I try not to bring you into my emotional innerworkings (trust me, you don’t want in) except in the cases of extreme annoyance, but right now the only thing I can think about is my impending application for a position on my magazine capstone.
I’m in college (did I tell you that?), and it’s my senior year, so naturally it’s time to take that class that will serve as a culmination of everything I’ve spent the last four years learning. At my school, it’s called Magazine Practicum, but basically all the seniors (mag and news/internet majors) join forces to create a magazine. In the fall it’s a lifestyle publication, but in the spring it’s newsier.

In order to give the staff as realistic a feel as possible, we have to apply for positions and be interviewed by media professionals in our area. Nerve-wracking if you tend to stutter when you’re nervous (guilty) or hate writing cover letters (no one should EVER put that much pressure on a single page).

I finished my cover letter this morning, so now all I have to do is package it up with my resume and a few clips into a lovely, professional-looking package. The whole shebang is due Thursday with interviews next week.

I’m shooting for executive producer of online, essentially the EIC of the online version of the publication. I think I would be really good at this; I’m a good manager, I have good ideas… I’m just worried that because I’ve held leadership positions in the past, they’ll want to spread the opportunities around and pass me up. Either way, though, it will be a fun experience. I love the professor, and most of the other kids seem cool. So anyway, think positive, professional, eloquent thoughts for me next Tuesday!

Also, face surgery, T-minus 1.5 days.


Proof I’m a Writer

So besides shooting out ramblings in a blog no one reads, I also contribute to an online magazine called Too Shy To Stop. I decided to cross-promote myself. You can read my latest post about why we love trashy TV in a recession here. Thanks for reading!