April goal (no fooling).

Remember that time I owed the government a large chunk of my financial security? Well, in the spirit of that, I’ve made a goal to not buy any groceries for the ENTIRE MONTH.

Crazy? Perhaps.

But I actually went shopping fairly recently, so I think I can swing it.

Also, remember when I said one of my goals was to find a job in a recession? Well, I got close. I’m interning at The Knot this summer in NEW YORK CITY. Specifically SoHo. And I could not be more thrilled.

Well, unless they gave me an actual job. Or at least a position that paid more than $20 a day…but really, I’m THRILLED. (Not sarcastic; I know it’s hard to tell..)

But anyway, that’ s relevant to the goal. Because a girl needs to pay rent.

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