The Bridges Are Burning

Not to be confused with “The Redcoats are coming!” Although they both reference the British. (Bridge -> London Bridge -> British? It’s a stretch, I know. Shut up.)

So apparently the fact that I neglect this blog like an unwanted houseplant is going to hurt my career. And since I’m not exactly financially secure at this moment in my life, I guess that means I have to check myself before I wreck myself. (Ok, a friend used that phrase recently and I loved it, but I am now realizing I just can’t pull it off. Damn this good-two-shoes exterior!)


Other career advice to consider: When is it acceptable to burn a bridge? Personally, I am not totally against bridge burning. (Not literally, I’m not a pyromaniac.) Sometimes you need to cut someone out of your life. Like a cancer. What I’m saying is, some people are a cancer in your life. *Meaningful look*

That being said, it’s generally a nice idea to smooth things over. I’m not saying you get together and paint each other’s toenails, but if, say, you were trapped in an elevator together, it would be ok if you could gab about last week’s episode of 30 Rock instead of thinking up 30 ways to kill yourself with your shoelaces.

Ways to make nice with people you don’t care for:

1. Never talk about anything important. If all you ever chit-chat about is frivolous bits of nothing like the weather and where you got your shoes, there’s really nothing for anyone to get annoyed about, right? RIGHT?

2. Find them AMUSING. Confession: I use this on my mom when she’s driving me up the wall. Instead of letting someone’s quirks and tendencies, be AMUSED by them. Find them charming and humorous. Then, instead of strangling them, you will simply chuckle to yourself. Think things like, “Oh, you!” and “Isn’t that just like so-and-so!”

3. Be the better person. There is going to come a time when someone is going to do something that bothers you so much you want to punch them. But if it’s your boss, co-worker, client, professor, class speaker, etc., you have to just swallow your rage, smile, and say, “Ok, I’ll think about that.”

Yes, a swift punch to their sternum will be more satisfying—but at what cost? So remember kids, only you can stop forestbridge fires.

original photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk via Flickr

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