Life Lesson #32

Life lesson #32: Tis better to dance with shoes than without.

As I write this, Susan is sitting next to me eating banana bread and nursing her wounded feet.

(Well, not at exactly the same time…)

A trip to Mizzou to visit friends from our internship program last summer quickly escalated into two dance parties. At some point in the night, Susan got cocky, kicked off her flats, and continued to boogie. What does she have to show for it?

A hole the size of a pencil eraser by her left baby toe.

Susan also chucked her phone (the one means we had for contacting the girl we were supposed to be staying with) into the oblivion of ratty couches at a friend’s house at one point. The point that she refers to as, “The moment last night stopped being fun…”

The point is, it’s important to protect yourself. It’s all fun and games until someone’s roommate stomps on your foot and leaves you bloody and limping.