Cue Vitamin C (that has never been said…)

So get this: It’s my last week of classes. Potentially forever.

I feel like I should be getting weepy or nostalgic or at least panicking or something. Instead I find myself wanting to skip class and creating funny themed days for the ones I actually go to. (Hint: Thursday is “Funny Accents/Graduation Cap Day.” It will be epic. Or as I’ll say then, “It-sa gonna be ep-ic!” Yes, that’s Italian. And mildly racist.)

Today’s theme was “My Life is Running Off the Tracks,” as you can note by the most recent life lesson:

Life lesson #40: The train might run off the tracks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.

And therefore, funny hats/accents day. You’re welcome.

Life Lesson #38: The Most Shameless of Self-Promotions

Life lesson #38: Shameless self-promotion is still a little shameful. (Hey kids! Check out!) See?

I am, in general, not a braggart. I hate cover letters because they make you explain why you’re the most awesome applicant. I was hesitant about starting a blog because who the hell cares what I think? I’m bad at accepting compliments; I always tack something onto my “thanks” that undercuts why I’m deserving of compliment. (“Oh this dress? Oh thanks! It was, like, a dollar at Target.”)

The problem is, I’m in an industry where simply doing good work and hoping someone notices just doesn’t cut it. You have to sell yourself, and you have to sell hard.

If you clicked on the link in the life lesson above, you can see where this is going.

My school is on this kick of getting all the students to buy their domain name and create a site to post their résumés, clips, etc. And so, being a good little student, that’s what I did. Gag.

It’s not that I’m not proud of the site. In some ways, I am. I mean, it looks ok. When you click on stuff, it generally takes you where I intended it to. It’s more the idea of “look at me! look at me!” that I’m averse to. But hey, a starving journalist’s gotta do what a starving journalist’s gotta do.

So who wants to hire me?