Life Lesson #44: Forget Me Not

Life lesson #44: Write everything down. Now.


I’m losing my mind.

I mean, sure, I’m not going literally insane (I think.). But I have noticed over the last year or so that my short-term memory is equal to that of a mosquito. Maybe worse.

For example, at work I have to make up a lot of schedules for each issue of the magazine I intern for. I do this by looking at the last schedule and making sure each event (send pages to printer, receive fact checking materials, etc.) is the same number of days apart in the new schedule. It’s thrilling, as you can imagine.

The hardest part of this task is counting the days on this little calendar I have. Seriously. That is the most challenging part of this task.

And yes somehow I can’t look from the old schedule to the new calendar sometimes without forgetting how many days I’m supposed to be counting. I’ve officially become one of those middle-age women who walk into a room and have no idea why they’re there.

It’s not just numbers, either. I forget people’s names faster than you can say “nice to meet you.” I forget homework assignments by the time I walk out of the class. And I forget what I was intending to Google by the time I open my browser.

Basically, I’m a very old person. Or a toddler on pixie sticks.

Which is why it’s important to follow this lesson. Writing things down comes with a two-fold reward. Not only do you not have to tax your brain by actually remembering things, you also get the satisfaction of crossing tasks off when they’re completed.

Kind of how these lessons are a way of remember everything I’ve learned this semester. Now what was I saying…?

photo courtesy of mwoodard via Flickr