Life Lesson #50

Life lesson #50: In times of panic, it’s important to breathe.

So yesterday was a hoot and a half. Turns out the apartment that I was supposed to move into in, oh, just over a week is not going to be ready until June 1st. And since two of my roommates need to move out of their dorms by Friday, my other roommate has a non-refundable ticket to NY for May 21st, and I start work May 25th, that just wasn’t going to do.

Cue panicked scramble to find a new apartment in 12 hours.


Fortunately, Erica (one of the new roommates) is a goddess and found a new place tout de suite. Unfortunately, it costs a bit more than the first one. And she and Vanessa (other new roommate) needed our down payments, well, today.

Cue panicked scramble to find $2,025 in eight hours.

Fortunately, I was able to scrounge up most of it. The rest I will have by the end of the week. But holy emotional rollercoaster, Batman.

On an unrelated note, if you know any single millionaires looking for a wife, let me know. K thaaanks!