Thinking Outside of the Boxes

Life lesson #58: OMG packing is boring.

But seriously. I’ve even got my iTunes on random, so you’d think that would be entertaining me.

The best thing about shuffle-mode is that you hear songs you’ve either a) forgotten exists or b) you would normally be ashamed to listen to, even though you secretly love them. Which is why I’m glad I’m the only one home. (Hel-lo Britney, Mandy, and all things showtune. I’ve missed you.)

But the point is, of course, that I’m procrastinating. It’s not that I don’t want to be all packed and ready to go (ON THURSDAY! EEK!), I just can’t get motivated. Well, to pack.

My friend Michelle and I were recently discussing how when we’re putting something off, we suddenly feel motivated to do everything else we’ve been putting off or would put off. So, in the spirit of optimistic procrastination, here’s a list of things I’ve accomplished today:

1. Exercised. I ran four miles and walked two around Gray’s Lake. Champ.

2. Lunched. Now that my days in Iowa are limited, I’m trying to cram in social meals wherever I can. Today, Tyler and I ate at Jason’s Deli and TCBY. (And since I have no food in the house, I have to make these meals count.)

3. Packed. (ish.) I mean, my sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, dishes, shoes, purses, belts, and some kitchen stuff are now in boxes whereas they weren’t before. So get off my back.

Plus I graduated a couple of days ago. So that seems like a big enough accomplishment to warrant me a few minutes of laziness.


Sigh. It will all get done. …right?