My dad joined Facebook yesterday

I’d like to share a snippet of a hilariously wonderful conversation I just had:

My father: Hi Justine. Can you tell me, what is the etiquette of Facebook? If people friend me, do I have to be their friend?

Me: …no…you don’t have to be their friend.

MF: But will they be terribly offended if I don’t be their friend?

Me: Well…I don’t know…probably not? …Maybe.

You’ll be happy to know that in the end he decided to give the people who had friend requested him a chance.

Picture 1

My dad really, really wants to do Facebook right. He wants to make sure he utilizes the correct applications, adds the right information, sets the right privacy settings, and understands what everyone else is doing. In the last five minutes, he learned that no, Facebook is not really like a blog; yes, my sister does have a fake last name on Facebook; yes, he can refuse to accept friend requests from people he truly doesn’t know; but no, it is not a big deal to be Facebook friends with people he is only sort of friends with in real life.

Basically, his world was rocked.

Oh, he also got a Twitter. About two months ago. Which he has updated all of three times. Two of which seem to be direct notes to me. Baby steps.

Welcome to Facebook, Dad. Welcome to the future.