She works hard for the money

You’ll be pleased to know I planned more of my wedding today.

For one, I want photos like <a this . Additionally, I decided the bridesmaids’ dresses will all be the same gray as the groomsmens’ suits, but with a thin black sash-y thing. And maybe pillbox hats, although that could just be from all the vintage weddings I’ve been looking at.

I also experienced a bit of a moral dilemma today. As you know, I got a second job at Aldo. But what you don’t know is that I had also applied at the JCrew Men’s Store, which is a couple of shops down from Aldo. That was the one I had really wanted, but I wrote it off because they were supposed to get in touch last week if they were interested.

But today as the other Knot interns (Bobby and Alex) and I strolled Soho during our lunch break, I got a call back!

I decided to accept the interview. If they hire me, I’ll probably peace out of Aldo. Sorry I’m not sorry.

So tomorrow I have my Aldo orientation and my JCrew interview. Which actually kind of works out since I was instructed to “dress to impress” for the orientation. I better go start picking out my outfit now…