Secrets sometimes make friends

I get a little nervous when I find out there are people who actually go out of their way to read my blog.

Which is incredibly counterintuitive to the very idea of a blog, really. To virtually any type of writing, especially any kind that you put on the World Wide Web.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the audience. Quite the contrary. It just reinforces in my mind that this is not actually a platform for secrets.

That’s part of the reason why I was never good at diaries. I could never get passed the fear that someone could, theoretically discover my diary, and anything personal I had ever written would be in the public sphere. (A valid concern for a girl with three teasing older brothers and a curious little sister.)

So while I am thrilled if you read regularly, you should know up front that you’re probably never going to get the juicy details unless we’re the type of friends who talk regularly, face-to-face about secret crushes, crippling fears, and personal drama.

Of course, after previewing the little bit of my crazy that I will publish on here, you’re probably more than ok with that.

Sweat and resweat are in a boat…

I’ve invented a term: resweat. Pronunciation ree – sweht.

It’s a verb and a noun. Here’s how you use it in a sentence:

(Verb) “Waiting for the subway, I started to sweat. On the subway I cooled down, but when I got off I started to resweat in the heat.”

(Noun) “Ewww…my resweat is making my hair stick to the back of my neck.”

Naturally, resweat is not a fun term. It is not the sort of thing you wake up hoping to experience. It is, however, an unavoidable part of life.

Also, I think I have the thirst equivalent of a tapeworm. (Although, as my roommate Emma pointed out, tapeworms get thirsty, too.) I drink gallons (well, lots) of water all day, and my throat still feels dry and I’m STILL thirsty. WHERE IS ALL THIS WATER GOING? (According to the number of bathroom breaks I take per day, right through me.)

So what we’ve learned today is that I have no control over the liquids in my body. Fantastic.