Some like it hot, some like it at frigid temperatures.

Remember that time I thought I was lucky because I won tickets to see Shakespeare in the Park, then realized I might actually be the luckiest girl alive because Anne Hathaway was playing the lead role in one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, Twelfth Night, on the very night I was attending?

Yeah, me too. Because it was last night. And it ruled.


That’s Erin and me. Being awesome.

Really the only thing I can complain about it that it was freezing last night. (Did I mention it’s MID-JUNE???) You all know how I feel about the cold.

Interestingly enough, it’s also freezing in the office right now. And it will be every Wednesday for a while because The Knot is doing this sweet live half-hour television show every Wednesday at 12 P.M. EST in the office. (Get promoted.)

But due to the nature of stage lights to be scaldingly hot, they have to turn down the air conditioning to tundra-like temperatures.

But really, given the way life has been going lately, I’m not about to let that get me down.

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