Funk-y Town. Population: Me.

So I guess it had to happen sooner or later. I had my first bad day since I moved here. So much for being lucky.

I feel like a total whiner even complaining about this, though, because it’s not like anything in my life is inherently bad. It’s not. I’m being a whiner. I know.

Even so, today has just been one of those days where I’m in a funk and can’t seem to get out. Trapped in a funk. And not the good kind of funk, where there’s dancing and stuff. The lousy kind. Here’s a run-down of the day:

Everything started out fine. The weather was actually decent even. I finished two sidebars for work this morning, but after that I didn’t really have that much to do. Then one of my contacts completely turned on me and started attacking my eye, so I had to throw it away.

Walking around with only one contact doesn’t sound like a big deal, but can seriously throw off your whole day. The weird part is, it feels like gauze or something is over the eye without the contact because everything is fuzzy. Anyway, it throws off my depth perception and makes me feel like I’m walking in a dream or something. It’s just no good.

Then I got an email telling me that I was in the final dozen or so applicants for an internship I would have loved, but that I hadn’t been selected. It was heartbreaking. (Thus the most recent life lesson, #100.)

Then I had to go out in the muggy weather to pick up three cakes with one other person. Yes, the math is: 2 interns + 3 cakes + 3 cake stands + 4 blocks of Manhattan = Wowza. I mean, it got done, but now I’m all sweaty and my arms hurt and whine whine whine.

You see what I mean? Even I’m annoyed by my pessimism right now.

So I’m trying to think happy thoughts. For example, this adorable, typography-inspired necklace. That makes me happy.

Also, we get to meet the co-founders of The Knot tomorrow. And get free pizza. All of these things rule. So I just need to take off my crabby pants and turn my frown upside-down and whatever other cutesy ways I can think of to say, “Shake it off, Blanchard!”