Life Sentence

You know those people who freak out at the slightest thing going wrong? You know the type. The ones who can’t handle it when one boy isn’t attracted to them, or when they don’t get the first job they go after, or when something they attempt isn’t perfect from the get go.

I call these “people who have had life too easy,” or, “easy-lifers” for short.

I know lately my life has been fairly (for lack of a better word) lucky. But this is not something that I’m used to. If I was used to it, I would certainly be less surprised. Which leads me to the most recent life lesson:

Life lesson #107: I find that often times I am more prepared to deal with things going wrong than things going right.

I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing, but either way, it’s true. I’m an optimist with realistic expectations. Whatever that means…