Passing the buck

Today was kind of a dumb day for me.

Not that the day itself was stupid. More that I kept doing dumb things. In fact, I dedicated two life lessons to it. First:

Life lesson #109: Nothing makes you feel quite so useless like being unable to un-jam a stapler.

Because I was unable to un-jam a stapler. Twice. It was kind of like when you accidentally button your sweater wrong. I felt like a kindergartener.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have felt quite so dumb, except for what happened later. I got home from hanging out with my friend Erin (at what I thought was a reasonable hour because I intended to do some work before bed…important things. Like putting photos on Facebook. And writing a blog post.), only to discover that I had forgotten the key to my apartment. And my roommates wouldn’t be home for at least half an hour. Adulthood fail.

Which leads me to my next life lesson:

Life lesson #110: Forgetting the keys to your apartment is not conducive to getting things accomplished in your apartment.

I’m going to blame my stupid on exhaustion. And I’m going to blame my exhaustion on my weekend of little sleep. What I’m saying is, I’m not taking responsibility for my dumb acts. Deal with it.

On the bright side, I finished my book whilst waiting for my roommates. And I got those photos uploaded.

And wouldn’t you know it, I even got that blog post written.