I scream for ice cream

Life lesson #114: Don’t trust people without opinions.

You should not trust people without opinions because they are either a) lying to you, or b) boring/stupid.

The lying I can at least understand. Say, for example, you’ve taken up a new group of friends. You might be hesitant to foist your opinions on them for fear that they think the exact opposite and will immediately conclude that you are, in fact, just wrong about everything. That’s a terrible first impression.

So instead of risk premature eviction, you say things like, “Oh, I don’t know, I like a lot of kinds of ice cream…” and giggle nervously. Then after a few other people voice their undoubtedly braver opinions, you find yourself simply agreeing with the person who says they like the type you secretly loved all along. No harm done. With any luck, you’ll start actually asserting your thoughts within a week or two.

The second reason you should not trust people without opinions, however, is much more concerning.

I know what you’re thinking: Justine. Aren’t you being a little judgmental? Just because a person doesn’t feel particularly strong about most issues doesn’t necessarily mean they are boring or stupid.

Oh, no?

Think about it; when was the last time you really liked someone who only said things like, “Yeah, they’re ok” or “I guess I don’t really care” or “Eh…”

I’ll tell you when. Never. Because even though the timid newcomer can get by with wishy-washy opinions for that first week or so, at some point, they’ve got to put on their big-girl pants and claim a side about something. Even if it is just saying, “STRAWBERRY! I LIKE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM, GOSH DARN IT!”

No one will ever accuse that person of being boring.



7 thoughts on “I scream for ice cream

  1. oh my gosh is your hair really that long now?? gahh it’s been forever since i’ve seen you.

    also, my favorite flavors are either banana or cake batter. how’s THAT for an opinion? and at DQ, a strawberry cheesecake blizzard (there, we can agree that strawberry is good, too!)


  2. haha no worries, it’s an old picture. And my favorite is actually coffee with sprinkles, but something about yelling “strawberry” appealed to me…

  3. But…but…I DO love all flavors of ice cream.

    Also, sometimes people are afraid to say certain things out loud.

    It doesn’t make them bad people.

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