Excuses, excuses

Lately I’ve been having a harder time coming up with topics to blog about.

You’re probably thinking it’s because I’m boring. Or at least my life is boring. I’m not. (Much.) And lately, it’s not. (Very.)

I think it’s just that sometimes I get a little hung up on the arrogance of having a blog. Like there’s this crowd of readers just clamoring to know what is going on in my life/head/apartment. (Hi, mom and dad.)

Which is why I was so vehemently against the idea to years. “A BLOG?!” I would scoff. “WHY does every moderately literate person think they need to have a BLOG?? Who CARES???”

But then enough professors started advocating the idea and enough jobs I was applying for started asking for link to blogs that I decided to just get off my high horse and get on the computer. And blog. (Sidenote: It sound like a word for barf, doesn’t it? Whooooaa…Tina just TOTALLY blogged all over EVERYTHING!)

Then I started rationalizing my decision to try and make it clear I did not think I needed a blog:

“It helps keep my friends back in Iowa clued in on what I’m doing.”

“It keeps my mom from having to call me every hour to know what I’m doing.

“It’s a great way to make sure I write a little bit every day!”

I know what you’re thinking: “Justine. But aren’t all those just gussied up excuses? (And what is with all your parentheticals todays??)”

Maybe. But a girl’s gotta do something. My life’s kind of boring, remember?