A Boast Wonderful Night

So, I don’t want to brag (much), but I got into another show for free.

And this one was Phantom of the Opera. And it was awesome. And the Phantom was so good I almost cried.

But I don’t want to brag.

This wasn’t just luck, though. My friend Kevin works at a youth leadership group that teaches kids about the business of theater, so he gets to go to shows for discounted prices/free fairly regularly. He invited me to go, originally thinking I’d have to pay $34. This is still a good price, so I agreed. I even coerced the boyfriend to attend with me, despite verrrrry recent dental surgery. (He may still have been bleeding when he got to the theater…what a trooper!)

Fast forward to show time, when Kevin informs me that the tickets are, in fact, free of charge. Cue me being thrilled.

And scene.

So basically, greatest night. Ever. And I learned something:

Life lesson #123: Getting into Phantom of the Opera for free is better than getting in not for free.

Ok, done not bragging.

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