Caffeine goeth before a fall

Today was not my best.

Things started out OK: got up on time, was ready early, and Emma and I decided to indulge in Free Mocha Monday at McDonalds. (It’s a 6-oz drink. FOR. FREE.)

Things were going great until we had to go down to the subway. Then I stepped on an uneven part of ground and fell. Onto the ground. I’m fine, don’t worry. Besides a microscopic scrape on my knee, I’ll live to enjoy a fully functional life.

In fact, except for a bruised ego, the fall would have gone virtually undocumented except that the free mocha I had previously been excited about spilled. Onto my shirt. Officially making me that sloppy girl who has a brown stain on her shirt in the office. AKA, not the girl you want to hire. Which, incidentally, is something I would like to happen.

I went through most of the morning by trying to cover the stain with my sweater, but by noon, enough was enough. So, after a quick trip to Uniqulo for a remarkably cheap tank top, I was back in business.

Yeah, OK, that was a terrible story. But I feel bad for not posting much lately. I promise something better (WITH PHOTOS!) later tonight about our cocktail party last night. Try not to wet yourself with excitement, k?