War of the Worlds

So the lovely other ladies of apartment 3 and I held a classy little soirée last night. We invited about 20 people, all from varying aspects of our lives.


The resulting hodge-podge of friends, co-workers, and significant others got Emma and I talking about what happens when you mix your “worlds.” And more specifically, how nervous it makes us.


For example, say you have a friend who makes questionable jokes. Sure, you know that they’re joking. You know this because you have spent a significant amount of time with this person, learning to understand and differentiate the times when they’re joking and when they’re not. People from other worlds, however, have not put in the time and effort you have.

This can result in what we lovingly call a “clash of the worlds,” or COTW.

Life lesson #126: Blending your worlds comes with certain risks.

Our fear of COTWs makes shindigs — like our cocktail party — especially precarious. You find yourself hovering around conversations with people you’ve invited, poised to leap to the rescue of a questionable joke or anecdote.

Of course, the COTW is rarely as bad as you’re worried it will be. People find something the have in common, they bond, and the conversation goes on. There may be brief kerfuffles, but in general, the party goes on.

And on the off chance one of your friends does embarrass you, you just have to trust that you’ll be able to laugh about it later.

That or keep them safely and securely in their own world.

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