Into the Wild…ish

I’m turning 22 on Friday.

Yikesabee, that sounds old, doesn’t it? Like, people are doing adult things at the age of 22. Or at least they’re finally at an age where they can do adult things (marriage, children, retirement funds) without everyone in the universe telling them they’re throwing away their youth.

Ok, that’s a lie. I’d still be a little freaked. But just a little

So how am I ringing in what is essentially my mid-20s? Ladies and gentlemen, I will be camping. For the first. Time. Ever.

Anyone that I tell I’ve never been camping tends to give me this wide-eyed look like I just said I’ve never eaten cereal. Then they usually follow up the look with some incredulous comment like, “YOU’VENEVERBEENCAMPINGOHMYGODWHATWASWRONGWITHYOURUPBRINGING?!?!?!?!”

Answer: Nothing. I was just raised by people who happen to appreciate plumbing. And air conditioning. And being able to escape from carnivorous insects.


But that is neither here nor there. The point is, I’m going with my boyfriend and his family and some other families. Camping. In the wild. And while I know it will be fine (it’s not like this is Justine VS. Wild or anything…right?), I can’t help but feel gravely unprepared.

I feel this way based on conversations like the following that occured via text this afternoon:

Joe: Do you have a sleeping bag?

Me: Um…no. Does that mean I’m kicked out?

Joe: Ha no, I think we have extra. You have sandals or flops to wear in the shower?

Me: Yes, those I have.

Joe:Ok. Flash light if you have one too.

Me: …er…

Joe: Ha it’s fine, I have a mini for ya

Me: Sorry for my lack of preparedness. This is what happens when you’re not raised by “camping people”

Because that’s what my dad said to me the one time I asked him why we never went camping: “We’re not really camping people.”

I imagine camping people as folks clad in animal skins and hemp, living in tents they’ve built from sticks, and purifying their own urine for drinking water.

My parents? Yeah, not so much.

So keep me in mind this weekend as I’m roughing it. Let’s just hope that it’s not too rough.


3 thoughts on “Into the Wild…ish

  1. I’ve never been camping either. I’d agree, we’re not really the camping type, unless we HAVE to include Jenbabe… haha.

    I’ll keep you in my thoughts this weekend. Text me your adventures. That is, if you have cell service 😉 Good luck!

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