Your pants are on fire

I’ve been thinking a lot about lying lately.

Not like, I’m planning to start lying. Like the concept of lying. “Lying.”

Earlier this month, I met a man at a barbecue who had very strong feelings about lying. In a rather inebriated speech, he explained to me and my boyfriend (among other things) how the key to any successful relationship — or life, for that matter — is honesty.

In his intoxication, he pronounced it “hahn-ness-ay,” but I don’t think that necessarily undercuts the message.

But I think even more than just not lying, honesty is about being honest at times when it’s difficult. When you know someone is going to be mad, maybe even not forgive you for what you’re about to say. Honesty requires a selflessness that a lot of people aren’t often willing to display.

Of course, I’m not saying being honest requires blurting out every thought that pops into your head; if you don’t have anything nice to say…you get the idea.

But you’re never going to be able to have any kind of relationship — be it romantic, platonic, familial, whatever — if you’re hiding things. You can fake it for a while, probably, but sooner or later you can’t keep up the act.

I think lying about something is almost worse than whatever it is you feel necessary to hide. But that’s just my opinion.