The Very Bad Blogger

I haven’t updated in forever. I know. I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me.

Life has been busier than normal later, but I promise that if I don’t crank out something today, I will write something epic tomorrow. With photos.

Try to contain your excitement.

I scream for ice cream

Life lesson #114: Don’t trust people without opinions.

You should not trust people without opinions because they are either a) lying to you, or b) boring/stupid.

The lying I can at least understand. Say, for example, you’ve taken up a new group of friends. You might be hesitant to foist your opinions on them for fear that they think the exact opposite and will immediately conclude that you are, in fact, just wrong about everything. That’s a terrible first impression.

So instead of risk premature eviction, you say things like, “Oh, I don’t know, I like a lot of kinds of ice cream…” and giggle nervously. Then after a few other people voice their undoubtedly braver opinions, you find yourself simply agreeing with the person who says they like the type you secretly loved all along. No harm done. With any luck, you’ll start actually asserting your thoughts within a week or two.

The second reason you should not trust people without opinions, however, is much more concerning.

I know what you’re thinking: Justine. Aren’t you being a little judgmental? Just because a person doesn’t feel particularly strong about most issues doesn’t necessarily mean they are boring or stupid.

Oh, no?

Think about it; when was the last time you really liked someone who only said things like, “Yeah, they’re ok” or “I guess I don’t really care” or “Eh…”

I’ll tell you when. Never. Because even though the timid newcomer can get by with wishy-washy opinions for that first week or so, at some point, they’ve got to put on their big-girl pants and claim a side about something. Even if it is just saying, “STRAWBERRY! I LIKE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM, GOSH DARN IT!”

No one will ever accuse that person of being boring.


Passing the buck

Today was kind of a dumb day for me.

Not that the day itself was stupid. More that I kept doing dumb things. In fact, I dedicated two life lessons to it. First:

Life lesson #109: Nothing makes you feel quite so useless like being unable to un-jam a stapler.

Because I was unable to un-jam a stapler. Twice. It was kind of like when you accidentally button your sweater wrong. I felt like a kindergartener.

Anyway, I wouldn’t have felt quite so dumb, except for what happened later. I got home from hanging out with my friend Erin (at what I thought was a reasonable hour because I intended to do some work before bed…important things. Like putting photos on Facebook. And writing a blog post.), only to discover that I had forgotten the key to my apartment. And my roommates wouldn’t be home for at least half an hour. Adulthood fail.

Which leads me to my next life lesson:

Life lesson #110: Forgetting the keys to your apartment is not conducive to getting things accomplished in your apartment.

I’m going to blame my stupid on exhaustion. And I’m going to blame my exhaustion on my weekend of little sleep. What I’m saying is, I’m not taking responsibility for my dumb acts. Deal with it.

On the bright side, I finished my book whilst waiting for my roommates. And I got those photos uploaded.

And wouldn’t you know it, I even got that blog post written.

Life Sentence

You know those people who freak out at the slightest thing going wrong? You know the type. The ones who can’t handle it when one boy isn’t attracted to them, or when they don’t get the first job they go after, or when something they attempt isn’t perfect from the get go.

I call these “people who have had life too easy,” or, “easy-lifers” for short.

I know lately my life has been fairly (for lack of a better word) lucky. But this is not something that I’m used to. If I was used to it, I would certainly be less surprised. Which leads me to the most recent life lesson:

Life lesson #107: I find that often times I am more prepared to deal with things going wrong than things going right.

I can’t decide if this is a good or a bad thing, but either way, it’s true. I’m an optimist with realistic expectations. Whatever that means…

Weekend Report

Ok, so I have not been a very good blogger in the past couple of days. My apologies.

If it does anything to aid in your forgiving me, you should know it was an eventful weekend. If this was a Disney Channel Original Show, we’d have a montage here of specific snippets of what went on. But since this is not, in fact, a DCOS, the below photos will have to suffice:


Yes, that IS Gwen Stefani. I told you, eventful.

Also, I got my first by-lines at The Knot this week. So if you want 10 All-American Wedding Song Ideas, an Americana Wedding Guide, or a list of Wedding Dresses Made in the USA, check it out, yo.