Cheaters never prosper…because I punch them.

“It’s just a game — why do you always have to be such a stickler?”

~Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry says this to Kramer about a golf game in the sixth season of the show. (I’m watching it on DVD.) It sounds like something someone could say to me.

I hate cheaters. No, seriously. I hate cheaters.

It doesn’t matter the game; Monopoly, Scrabble, Kickball, Mario Party. It doesn’t matter the opponent; children, the elderly, friends, my dad. I once abruptly ended a Chronicles of Narnia version of the game Risk with a seven-year-old because he kept changing the rules so he would win.

I. Hate. Cheaters.

Part of the problem is that I’m extremely competitive. Like, I can’t let the kids I’m babysitting win at games. I haaaate losing. So when someone is cheating at a game so they can beat me, I am not pleased.

What I’m saying is, follow the rules and no one gets hurt.

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