Hungry like the wolf

My body is plotting against me.

So as you may remember, I’m trying to work out more. (In my defense, the main reason I’m not running as much is this tortuous pain in my right heel. I don’t know where it came from, but it makes me regret running for the rest of the day.) Whining aside, I’m still trying to make it work.

You may also remember that I have no control over my bodily functions (apparently). So the main problem with the running plan? Whenever I DO get out and jog around, I’m STARVING the rest of the day. As in, I can’t get full.

Which means I eat more than I would have otherwise. Which means the caloric burn was all but nil.

According to every health information source ever, I should counteract this by filling up on fibrous or water-dense foods. See: fruits, vegetables, air-popped popcorn, whole wheat whatever. Also, eat more protein. So my plan today is to load up on veggies and chicken at the nearby deli for lunch. Because I’ve already eaten two packets of oatmeal and a peanut butter sandwich with my morning liter of water.

What I’m saying is, I have to be stopped.