Breakfast of champions

My breakfast today is scrambled eggs on graham crackers.

I would be angry, but this is just too delicious to deny. Thank you, poverty, for this nutritious-ish meal and this lovely life lesson!

Life lesson #135: The longer you wait to buy groceries the more creative you will be.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast of champions

  1. love it. And I can’t wait until you’re so poor you’ll eat bananas in popcorn with cinnamon, honey & cocoa powder 🙂 AND marshmallows!

  2. haha can’t say i miss eating leftover pasta five nights a week with basil and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. yummyyyyyyy.

    but hey girl, i will split a full box of lucky charms with you any night. i’m ready and waiting.

  3. ps – i think that was the break-through in our friendship. as soon as i found out you were also a night snacker, it confirmed your legitness/my desire to trick you into being my friend.

    so… pinkberry? it’s healthy, right?

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