Till death do us part

So you know how there are many, many reasons why I should not be a model? Namely, height deficiency, not being malnourished, general lack of ability to walk in a straight line?

I mean, sure, the theory has never been tested, per se, but I think most people have had a generally negative feeling about the idea.

Well, my nay-saying friends, today we can all feel incredibly justified in our doubts.

Life lesson #138: I should never be a model.

So the Knot does this live TV show on our website every Monday, and today they did this whole fashion segment where they had models (several of whom were actually cleverly disguised staff members) strut their stuff down a “runway” that was actually just the walkway between desks and the wall. The main issue with a live show is that, of course, if you screw something up, it’s too late. The whole world saw.

So to counteract this problem, the staff and camera crew will do several run-throughs to make sure they know exactly what they want to do when the time is right. So naturally, they wanted to practice the runway walk and decide which camera angles to use ahead of time.

Problem: They didn’t have their actual models ready because they were in hair and makeup.

Solution: Grab the nearest interns and make them pretend to be a bride and groom.

Here’s the kicker: I wore an ivory dress to work today. At least that meant I got to be the bride. My poor fellow intern Alex wore black, so she was my dashing betrothed.

The marriage didn’t last (you know how these rushed-into things go), but at least we both realized that there really isn’t anything more embarrassing than having your ENTIRE OFFICE watch you traipse back and forth 80 times. Yep, sure did.

On the upside, got a Knot blog post published today. Check it out, yo.

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