The Dog Days of Summer

Life lesson #139: Just because you know you SHOULDN’T get a pet, doesn’t mean you won’t WANT to get a pet.

I’ve wanted a puppy for the better part of five years. The rational part of me knows that I shouldn’t get a puppy right now because a) they are expensive, b) I don’t have the time a new puppy requires, and c) I have roommates to consider.

The puppy-loving part of me can only focus on how adorable they are.

My roommate Erica and I were just discussing how her boyfriend Paul wants to adopt a kitten, but even a self-sufficient pet like that means responsibilities. For example, you can no longer go on vacation on a whim because you have another living organism to consider. There’s a reason why some people consider pets practice for children.

So for now I will just try to distract myself from my puppy love. (See what I did there?)