Oh, the places we went…

I have a feeling this will be a relatively long post, so I apologize in advance.

Can I help it that life has been just so gosh-darn EXCITING (ish) lately? No, no I can’t.

Ok, here’s as brief as possible a sum-uppance of my Labor Day weekend:

Thursday: Arrive in Des Moines at our (pitifully) small airport. Get picked up by parents. Return home to meet sister and sister’s boyfriend. Play dominoes. Lose terribly.

Friday: Wake up, shower (yes, this is relevant). Make my dad and Joe omelets. Best girlfriend ever, right? Well, wrong. While on the deck (also relevant) eating said omelets, Joe points at my neck and says, “What happened?”

No, I was not hemorraging from my jugular. What he was pointing to was this:


That would be the necklace he had given me. (Which I absolutely adore.) It’s an old typewriter key for the ampersand symbol. I had worn it in the shower not knowing it wasn’t waterproof, water had gotten inside, and the symbol for the key had run. What that means is that I had ruined the first gift he’d ever given me. I wish I had a picture of it before I did so, but he had only given it to me LESS THAN 12 HOURS PRIOR. Worst. Girlfriend. Ever.

So there we are on the deck, me trying not to cry, when my dad suddenly realizes that he has LOCKED us out on the deck. Not the brightest moment of the trip. (On a related note, it’s my dad’s birthday today! Shout out! My gift to you is not saying how old you are :))

Anyways, after my mom drove home from work to let us in, the day started to look up. I took Joe to my old high school to see where my mom works, he had lunch with my dad while I ate with these lovely ladies:


…and then we spend the evening in downtown Des Moines. This happened:



Saturday: Joe went golfing with my dad and some friends while my mom and I hit up the mall. I got awesome shoes for $10, plus a few other things. Joy! That night was family dinner with my brother and his lovely wife and daughter.

Sunday: Meeting in the morning, followed up with Joe’s first trip to Dairy Queen


…followed up with a BBQ at the Blanchard’s house. Fun (and burgers) were had by all.

Monday: Slept in, ate penne a la vodka, got on a flight home. After dinner with Joe’s parents in Greenpoint, I was home sweet home.

So that’s everything. I’ll save you the cutesy ending (THIS time) since the actual message was so long. Can’t get enough photos? Click here for more.

5 thoughts on “Oh, the places we went…

  1. This post presents me in an unfair light (ahem, this is my attempt to redeem myself in your parent’s eyes…) It looks like the boys merely posed with the boot while I, on the other hand, pulled a Paul Bunyon feat and chugged the entire thing myself, roaring in victory. That just did not happen. Where are the pictures of you and the boot, Ms Blanchard? Hmmmm?

    Haha, I kid, I kid. I love you and I’m sad you’re not here right now. But I suppose it’s my turn to visit you now, isn’t it? SIGH. I suppose that can happen 😉

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