Welcome to Giggle Town

For the record, I am — in general — a rather composed person.

I have good business sense. I’m practical. I keep my cool under pressure. On the surface, I can be cool as a cucumber.

My weakness? Giggling.

Once I am overtaken by a giggle fit, it’s over, folks. The first sign that I’m even the eensy-weensiest bit uncomfortable? A girlish “tee-hee.”

It’s the worst when I’m in a situation where laughing just isn’t appropriate. Like work. (See also: religious meetings, recitals, times when people tell me bad news I don’t know how to handle) But even though I know I shouldn’t be laughing (out loud) at my desk, sometimes it just happens.

Is it partly my own fault because I’m talking to my friends on gchat whilst doing my work? Let’s not split hairs here.

The point is, if you see me laughing to myself even though no one else is around, don’t judge.