There’s no crying in pilates class

So I’m not good at “easing back” into exercise. So sue me. (You won’t get a penny! You hear me?? …mostly because I have veerrrry limited funds…)

I don’t really feel like I’ve worked out unless I get home covered in sweat and already feeling pangs of soreness. Which is pretty much my current state.

Since joining my gym, I’ve only worked out twice (not my fault, I swear), but now my schedule is opening up a little and I plan on getting there every day during the week at least. Today I even had my first pilates class. With my very OWN mat. It’s pink and cheerful and makes me want to punish my core — essentially everything you want in a yoga/pilates mat.

The only downside of not going easy on yourself? Tomorrow’s forecast of achy legs and back. Oh well, what doesn’t kill us, am I right? (That’s about all the bro-iness I could summon at the moment.)

Tonight I did an hour of cardio, a bit of lifting, and the aforementioned pilates class. (The instructor even told me I was “pretty advanced”! In front of everyone! <–Bragging) Tomorrow night is another hour of cardio and a yoga class. Wish me luck.

P.S. The concert was great…in case you were wondering. See below for evidence of my joy.