WWII (Winter War Two)

You know how sometimes I like to pretend problems AREN’T problems to the point where I’m only hurting myself? I’ve been doing that again lately.

The past couple of weeks, the temperature has plummeted from the sweltering 85+ it’s been to barely making it to the high 60s. Which shouldn’t be a problem for a girl who loves fall as much as I do. Except for one thing:

I seem to be incapable of dressing appropriately for the weather.

I never have a jacket, I’m almost always in a skirt or a dress, and I still haven’t replaced my tights from last winter. All this adds up to a chilly me.

And I hate being cold. Haaate it.

So the plan is to start being more prepared. Because, after all…

Life lesson #156: Glancing out your window in the morning is not an effective way of determining the temperature.