October Improvement Month!

I’ve decided the month of October is going to be “October Improvement Month!” (The exclamation mark is part of the title.)

It’s my favorite month, so I figure that residual joy should be helpful in motivating me to do all these good-for-me things. Here are my goals for the month:

1. Auxiliary pioneer
2. Work out at least 5 days a week
3. Eat 3 fruits or vegetables a day
4. Stop drinking coffee and soda

Why do I feel like the last one is going to be the most difficult? I think I’ll give that one a trial run over the next week…at the very least it should be the cold-turkey transition go a little smoother.

I’m also getting my hair cut (finally) on October 1st, so that should be a nice kick-off. Wish me luck!

15 thoughts on “October Improvement Month!

  1. I totes stalk your blog, and I just wanted to wish you luck with all your goals! When I saw #4, I kind of gasped a little bit – I think that one would be the most difficult for me too. What’s funny is that #4 also requires the least amount of physical effort! 🙂

  2. I agree with your dad, you can have the coffee – you’re gonna need it to accomplish the rest 🙂 Plus, I have a feeling there are some pumpkin-y coffee drinks out there in October that you’re gonna need!

  3. Laryssa- It’s not stalking, it’s reading 🙂

    Cindy- Thanks!

    Dad/Michelle- You’re probably right…maybe for my celebratory end-of-month treat I’ll indulge in a pumpkin latte.

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