N@tiO^@| Pun

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely National Punctuation Day. (Oh stop, like you didn’t know!) In honor of today, I will use as much punctuation as possible — because it’s fun!!

We’re in the final stretch before my most imminent life-altering event (my haircut. Was that not clear?). I literally cannot wait! Seven days! (Not in the creepy voice; in the jovial one.)

Allllso…I’m in a really good mood. Things are looking swell on the job front, I’m seeing one of my fave people this weekend, & I got to go to pilates tonight because my meeting got moved to tomorrow night. Ok, time to do laundry.

I leave you with my two favorite marks of punctuation*:

#1 The semicolon (;)

#2 The ampersand (&)

*If you don’t have a favorite, you should.