Show & Tell

Wowza, I feel like I haven’t written in a while. But to make it up to the eight or so people who actually keep up with this silly thing, I’m including photos! Who doesn’t love photos, right? In fact, I would even go as far as to say…

Life lesson #160: Showing is almost always better than telling.

First, here’s something cool that happened last week:

msn page

See that teensy little headline? The one that says “Fall Wedding Pitfalls” under “Today’s Picks”? In the middle of the page? I wrote that article. And it was on the MSN homepage. Kind of thrilling.

Then Thursday I saw the boy at a White Lies concert…


…before meeting up with my dear ASME chums for a night cap. It had been forever, but it was lovely to see you, Kristi, Samantha, Chris, Amanda! (Shout out)

Then had a sports weekend with aforementioned boy in Long Island. What does a “sports weekend” entail, you ask? Well, I’ll show you!


I also saw him play hockey for the first time, but didn’t take a photo so you’ll have to use your imaginations! (If you can’t imagine the voice that I’m writing that in, then you probably don’t know me. In which case, thanks for reading!)

What’s up next on the agenda? In the forthcoming week you can expect to hear tale of:

1. My haircut (woop woop!)

2. Pioneering (begins on Thursday..eep!)

3. Another hockey game (on Saturday)

Try and contain your excitement!!!

5 thoughts on “Show & Tell

  1. I find the sport part hilarious. It’s so you…

    And that makes two times MSN has deigned to recognize your brillance! On its front page with Obama and Michael! Wowza indeed!

  2. Umm…You failed to mention that you were at the NEW Yankee Stadium to experience the New York Yankees (once again) SWEEP the Boston SuckSox to clinch the AL East title and gaurantee a spot in the 2009 MLB playoffs. You were there for it all babe! You.Were.THERE.

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