So, I KNOW money doesn’t buy happiness…

So, several good things have happened to me in the last 24 hours.

One, I got my first adult paycheck. YOU GUYS!!! I’m so excited. Partly because, you know, that’s kind of the whole purpose to this “working” thing, and party because I could pay off my credit card bill, continuing a pattern of spotless credit. And you KNOW how I feel about perfectionism.

Other good thing, also money related: received my freelancing check from Meredith Corp. So, I’m literally the richest person ever right now. (Another thing I love: using “literally” incorrectly. It’s just such a fun mental image thing.)

Also, it’s the last day of October! Which you’d think would make me sad since it’s generally my favorite month, but after the last exhausting 31 days, I’m ready for a break. Will November make a break to steal October’s place in my heart? Only time will tell.

For now, I’m enjoying my first weekend in Long Island in a looong time. I believe I’m going pumpkin picking in a bit. Try not to be too jealous.