Get Real

My editor and I discussed my pending responsibilities for my new position.

Cue: mild panic.

I mean, it’s all real. I’m actually going to have an actual adult job. (Deep breaths…) But part of the whirligig of butterflies currently beating their little hearts out in my stomach has to do with something besides fear; I’m also insanely excited for the challenge. I love the idea of having a job that I’m only pretty sure I can do. It makes me work harder. It puts on just enough pressure to make sure that I stay on my toes.

And the thrill seems a lot more appealing than complacency ever could.

I think I’m also just mentally adjusting to being referred to as an actual employee on staff. Like, I get to go to the company picnic next year! And, you know, other meetings and stuff.

It’s going to mean learning a lot. And since I’m, you know, a geek, you KNOW I love learning.