Tourist’s Paradise

Last night my dear friends Amanda, Kristi, Samantha, and I indulged in an American classic: Ruby Tuesdays.

There’s something about a comprehensive salad bar (although they didn’t have Kristi’s pudding) that I will always love. Especially when I know I won’t have to weigh my salad at the end, meaning I can pile on all the heavy vegetables I want without fear of economic retribution.

There’s also something about going out with your girlfriends that can’t be matched. You talk/laugh a little too loudly, hassle the waiter a bit (in a friendly way), eat too much (but no one cares), and generally leave the dinner with your spirits lifted and your stomach aching (from the food and the laughs, of course). We also all learned a valuable lesson about just how far uptown we should go in Manhattan. (Hint: Stop before you get to Amanda’s neighborhood.)

It was lovely to see all of you, and I can’t wait to do it again! (Perhaps with more ASMEs next time?)

I’m also almost done with this headband/earmuffs thing that I’m crocheting, so I’ll post photos if I put it all together tonight. What I’m trying to say it, yesterday was a good day.