Being an adult takes a lot of paperwork

I applied for my New York State driver’s license today.


Getting your license is no joke in any state. There’s bound to be the requisite gathering of documents to prove you are who you say you are, followed by the hours of waiting in a line with people of varied and colorful backgrounds, a few introduction with employees who may actually hate everything about their lives, all culminating in a two week wait for a 2-by-3-inch plastic card bearing a photo that bears little to no likeness to its owner.

So, you ask, why do I thrill? I’ll tell you.

Put simply, the more official documents of adulthood I gather (a few weeks ago I had to apply for a replacement social security card in an experience not unlike the one described above), and the more I’m forced to rely solely on myself to get things accomplished, the more I feel like a real, live grown-up. And the more I feel like I’m actually doing it correctly.

Next step in the road to adulthood? (After the license arrives in 1-2 weeks, I mean.) Starting my real, live grown-up job on Thursday. Wish me luck!

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