Eat your heart out

I feel like I haven’t written in a while, but I think it’s just because I’ve been writing short posts lately. Oh well.

I have photos/updates of my October Improvement Month! projects. Here’s a sampling of the cooking I’ve been up to:

First, we have chicken apple sausages with red pepper, onions, and feta:


Next up, chicken fajitas with carmelized onions, red pepper, lettuce, and mozzarella cheese in these really hearty (and organic!) sprouted grain tortillas:


Here’s what has been my fave dessert until just recently when I ran out of rice cakes, chocolate chip rice cakes with peanut butter and sprinkles (for flair!), usually with a glass of milk:


And finally, what I had for dinner tonight, a scrumptious tortilla pizza with Roma tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, onions, and red pepper:


Meredith food styling, anyone?

I also have a crocheting update. Here’s a little headband/earmuff thing I fashioned out of purple yarn:


Please forgive the MySpace pose and my deathly pale skin. Girl doesn’t get outdoors much.

So I kept busy during my time off of work. Which I started yesterday! And it was great! I have a new desk and it’s awesome! (AKA, not in Intern Land). Bridal fashion week is just kicking off, so I have to work Sunday, which isn’t ideal but will only happen twice a year. So win some, lose some.

There, that was a satisfyingly long post.

8 thoughts on “Eat your heart out

  1. You make a mother proud. The meals look beautiful and you know I am all about presentation. Of course, it needs to taste good too. I think I need one of the ear muff thingies. Very cute. Hint! Hint! (maybe by January?)

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