6-day work weeks aren’t for sissies.

So…it’s been a long week. Which you probably knew from the tapering off of posting. (If you read this with any regularity.)

Work started Sunday at noon this week, and didn’t end until 7 P.M. last night. I’m wiped. Of course, it helps knowing that this sort of week (namely, Bridal Fashion Week) only comes around twice a year. But still. Wowza.

And this weekend isn’t exactly relaxing. I have service from seven til at least three or four today (thus why I’m posting this at 6:45 A.M.), and tomorrow service, meeting, and then dinner with my former editor, Laryssa. Not that any of those things are bad (especially not the dinner! Yay for actually meeting in person!), but I’m looking forward to my a month of weekends lacking serious obligations.

Ok, enough whining. Time to get back to it.