Saving and spending

So, I’m already thinking of things to add to the New-Leaf November! list. (One of them is to come up with a better name…)

1. Pack my lunch every week day this month.
2. Only BUY one coffee per week. If I can get it for free, I can have as many as I want.

If you’re keeping track, that puts us up to 5 things. The second two are obviously money savers. What I really need is a coffee maker. It’s on my list of things I plan on buying once the first paycheck comes (at the end of this week!! EEEK!) and after I’ve paid off the credit card bill. These things are as follows:

1. Trench coat, probably this one from Banana Republic, although they also have a wool one I’m considering. But probably this one.

2. Coffee maker. Probably one from Target that’s not too pricey. Which also means I plan to buy coffee grounds.

3. Black and white tweed pencil skirt. (Like this, but cheaper if I can find it.)

So that’s everything. I dream big.

We almost made it through the month, guys! Keep it up!

6 thoughts on “Saving and spending

  1. Love the skirt – very “you”… I’d like to tell you about the coat too but the link is broken lol fix it 😉
    and find me a job so I can move to you and leave waitressing on sunday nights 😦

  2. Do you have the 40% coupon for Banana Republic? Every Wed in October — only one left — you can get 40% off one full priced item in the store. Trench coat??
    (I love your blog!)

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