A Blanket Statement

So, you know how I can’t really nap on purpose? Well, GUESS. WHAT. I’ve figured out the secret.

It turns out all I really need to be able to fall asleep is to be covered up. A pillow? Nice, but not enough. A comfy couch? Nuh uh. A scrap of blanket? Lights out.

It’s a theory I’ve been testing for the past couple of months. But today, I decided to go ahead and call it. Especially after tried to nap uncovered for about 15 minutes, then added a blanket and conked out for a good hour.

The downside of discovering the secret to the nap? Naps are not conducive to good bedtimes. So my attempt to go to sleep at 10:30 (so responsible!) was an epic fail. Thus this post.

Guess my loss is your gain, right guys? …guys?