A recipe for success

Sometimes I lose faith in humanity. Someone I think I know as, if not a good, at least a decent person proves themselves to be somehow less than human. It’s frustrating, but I guess, not entirely unexpected, right?

So what’s a girl to do to cheer herself up? How about EVERYTHING she loves packed into one evening?!? (Combined with a killer soundtrack courtesy of her iTunes Genius function!)

In this case, that means running, pilates-ing, cooking, photo uploading/editing, and, of course, writing. Here’s the visual evidence, beginning with last night:

Peter Bjorn & John concert. You should have seen this before I color-corrected it. I looked so tan!

The meal for the evening was actually quite delicious:

Step 1: Boil whole wheat pasta, sautee broccoli and yellow pepper with cooking spray.
Step 2: Add a bit of olive oil to the cooking vegetables. Set aside.
Step 2: Add more olive oil to cooking veggies; set aside.
Step 3: Drain pasta. Pause to enjoy the facial effect of the steam.
Step 4: Add more olive oil and thinly sliced colby cheese. (Also known as the best parts.)
Step 5: Mix in a dash of garlic powder and crushed red pepper. Enjoy.

I also recently bought my boyfriend (pronounced: boy-fraaaaan in my head) a present, and it arrived in the mail today! Photo below!

Oh come on, I know you read this! 😉

So anyway, color me cheered up.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m a girl of simple pleasures. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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  1. burn, burn, burn! I was so looking forward to the present sneak peek. In other news…the number of insane concerts you’ve seen in your stint in NY is sickening. Color me envious (usually green, but we’ll leave it my standard brown)

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