It begins.

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s getting colder out. And the cold reminded me of something: The birth of this here blog. (Caution: I use an adult word in the title. I was angry.)

I actually thought I had missed the anniversary, but it seems it was on December 24th. So we’re good!

Anyway, as you can read for yourself, I happen to dislike the cold. A lot. A WHOLE lot. But there is something I DO like, and this like happens to coincide with my dislike! It’s…shopping! Here are the three things I would like to purchase before the temperatures get in the single digits:

This coat. I actually a version I keep seeing people wear on the street that ties at the waist, but I couldn’t find a link to that. So imagine this with a tied waist.

These boots. In gray. Ok, I know. I KNOW. I usually hate Uggs too. But I saw a woman wearing short gray ones as I was leaving work the other day, and I found myself quietly coveting them for two blocks. So sue me.

These gloves. The practicality of fingerless gloves combined with the warmth of mittens! Yay!