Some healthy perspective

So those of you who follow my gmail statuses (Susan) my have noticed that I’ve been going to the doctor a lot lately.

No, I do not have a chronic illness or debilitating disease. Quite the opposite actually. The thing is, my company is changing our medical benefits to be, well, less good. So I (and most of my co-workers) have been scrambling to get everything checked out and up to make sure we don’t have any looming medical expenses in our future.

The good news? Aside from a slight vitamin D deficiency, I’m the picture of health! Here’s a quick sum-up of all my new doctors’ best moments:

General physician – “You seem like a very healthy specimen.” And then AGAIN at the (rather pointless) follow-up: “You’re a very health specimen. Stay that way.”

Eye doctor – “It must be really easy for you to get contacts in; you have such big eyes!” (Me: “Uh…yeah, I guess.”)

Dentist –“Do you get any pain on the lower right side?” (Me: No…) “Oh, ok.” (Me: Wait, is something wrong?) “No, no just checking!” (Me: Umm…)

Dermatologist – “You should go home.” (Me: Oh, I can’t, I have to get back to work.) “Do you want me to write you a note?”

I have one other doctor, but she didn’t say anything funny. She was just nice. And southern.

So, to anyone who was concerned about my health (parents), you can relax. I’m fine. Great, even! And I don’t want to see another doctor for at least six months.