New Year’s Sum-uppance, Vol. 2

Well, I can’t explain it, but for some reason the Internet in my apartment isn’t working. Which means, as some of you (maybe…probably not…if you have not other lives) noticed, I was unable to post a “WOO THIS BLOG HAS BEEN ALIVE FOR A YEAR!!!!!” post on the 24th. Le sigh

Well, what’s done is done. We’ll all just have a mini (albeit belated) celebration in our minds. Ready? Go! (wooooo!)

Ok, now that THAT is taken care of, I’ve decided to continue a tradition I started last year, what I like to refer to as my SECOND ANNUAL New Year’s Sum-uppance. Reading through last year’s post, I cringe a little bit, but I think that’s the point of looking back. Anyways, here’s the latest version:

Age: 22

Location: New York City

Status: In a relationship…eek.

Occupation: Editorial and Community assistant for

Favorite food: Yep, still sushi. Or seafood in general.

Music I like right now: The bands are mostly the same too, but my favorite is Snow Patrol.

TV shows I watch: The Office, Community, Modern Family, What Not To Wear

Favorite colors: green, turquoise, and yellow

Book I’m reading: I’m in the middle of this book called Rupert: A Confession, but I kind of hate it. Open to suggestions!

Favorite magazine: Besides The Knot, of course, Wired, Self, Women’s Health, and GQ.

Goals for next year: Rock at my job, save money, visit people more (may conflict with previous goal), lose 15 pounds (a girl can dream).

Overall opinion of my life: The past year was probably my best. Here’s hoping I can say the same thing in my THIRD ANNUAL New Year’s Sum-uppance.

SO that’s it! Me in a nutshell. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Sum-uppance, Vol. 2

  1. I am currently reading a book called The Edge of Evolution. It’s about where to draw the line for what can actually be accounted for in Darwin’s theories. Quite interesting and right up your alley 😉 (Okay, I admit it. I’m a nerd that reads science books for fun.)

  2. You should read Interred With
    Their Bones by jennifer lee carrell. its a Shakespeare thriller… very exciting and less science nerd than whatever becca is reading.

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