Steal my heart, why dontcha?

“If I were going to steal something, I would steal something big. Like a diamond!”


Yesterday I had dinner with my dear friend Kristi. She had to work late, so I killed time by stopping at the new Gap that opened near my work. I bought two shirts and a pair of super soft gloves on sale.

Then I still had time to kill, so I went to a Starbucks near the restaurant we were meeting at. When Kristi called that she had arrived, I scooted out to meet her.

Less than ten minutes later, I realized I had forgotten the Gap bag in Starbucks. I raced back, only to find it wasn’t there. (Shocker.) But a patron told me that someone had already turned it in at the counter. Thrilled beyond relief at the honesty, I thanked him, and went up to get the bag.

After they searched for about five minutes, someone found it. I thanked them profusely. As I was about to leave, it occured to me to look inside. One of the shirts, the gloves, and the receipt were missing. Leaving me with one shirt, which I had bought for someone else.

Which begs the obvious question: REALLY?!?


3 thoughts on “Steal my heart, why dontcha?

  1. You know, if this had happened in Iowa, you would’ve had the bag, both shirts, the gloves and the receipt returned. And there would’ve been a casserole in there, too. Maybe even a Jell-o salad.

    • Oh my god, Jill. I just read this, and I’m sitting at my desk at work cracking up. You’re making me look unprofessional!

      But you’re SO right. Heck, someone probably would have knit me a scarf to match.

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